Every newborn infant has the right to a healthy start in life. But in the Western Pacific Region, one newborn dies every two minutes – largely due to inappropriate clinical practices at the time of birth. These newborn deaths can be prevented through a very simple solution: Early Essential Newborn Care (EENC). EENC is a set of simple, cost-effective interventions that benefit all newborns. At its core is First Embrace, a life-saving practice that promotes skin-to-skin contact between mother and child immediately after birth.

Since EENC was introduced, a total of over 30,000 health workers from 3,365 health facilities have been coached in EENC. 75% of newborns are now receiving the First Embrace, with 57% of these babies remaining in skin-to-skin contact until completion of the first breastfeed. 4 million babies have now been reached with improved care.

Now introduced in 17 countries, the work continues. There are still 28,000 health facilities to go. With the support of Ministries of Health, hospitals, health professionals and development partners, together we can ensure a healthy start for all newborns.

Click here to view the EENC progress video.

First Embrace Lullaby

Nothing beats the First Embrace between mother and her baby – a natural bond that lasts a lifetime. Listen to the First Embrace Lullaby now.

      First Embrace Lullaby
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