Quick Facts
  • First Embrace is simple and efficient.

  • First Embrace prevents illnesses including hospital acquired infections.

  • First Embrace can be practiced by all maternal and newborn care professionals.

  • First Embrace benefits all mothers and newborns, in every part of the world.

What is First Embrace?

Babies cuddled in skin-to-skin contact become calm, pink and alert. All babies benefit including those preterm, sick or born by caesarian section. Aside from the natural bond it fosters, the First Embrace helps transfer warmth, placental blood and protective bacteria. Through colostrum or “first milk” from the first breastfeed, essential nutrients, antibodies and immune cells are transferred from mothers to their babies to protect from infection.

The components of the First Embrace are:

  1. Drying the baby immediately and thoroughly after birth;
  2. Immediate skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby for no less than 90 minutes;
  3. Clamping the cord after pulsations stop, cutting the cord with a sterile instrument;
  4. Initiating exclusive breastfeeding when cues occur (such as drooling, tonguing, rooting, biting hand)
Early Essential Newborn Care