Revolution Smoke Free
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Revolution Smoke Free
Going smoke-free is one of the best things you can do for the health of your workforce and business. Learn more about the why’s and how’s of a smoke-free workplace.
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Going smoke-free

Going smoke-free

For businesses to succeed, businesses need healthy workers, and healthy workers are smoke-free.

Envisioning a 100% smoke-free future with Revolution Smoke-Free

Envisioning a 100% smoke-free future with Revolution Smoke-Free

A future where businesses are thriving and workers are healthier

Revolution Smoke-Free envisions a future where all types of workplaces across a range of industries are free from tobacco smoke. Business leaders are at the forefront of progress and innovation. As drivers of change in their industries, they will spur a movement towards a future with healthier, safer working environments.

Why go smoke-free?

Smoke-free workplaces benefit both the employers and the employees.

Going smoke-free lowers operational costs and keeps everyone in the office healthier and safer.

  • 50%higher

    The rate of lung cancer among workers in bars and restaurants that allow smoking as opposed to the general population.

  • 20days

    The total time lost per employee in a year due to smoking breaks. Research from the UK found that smokers spend 40 minutes each work day to smoke.

  • 10%drop

    The amount in cleaning costs saved by businesses that went totally smoke-free.

Ready to go smoke-free?

Creating a smoke-free workplace is neither difficult nor costly, with the right leadership and buy-in.

Give yourself enough time to establish the policy and to engage all of the stakeholder groups in
your workplace, for a higher likelihood of success.

Task Force Policy Outreach Cessation Support Implement Monitor and Evaluate
i These steps may happen in a different order or simultaneously.
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