Revolution Smoke Free
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Revolution Smoke Free
Policy change for a smoke-free workplace can be initiated by employees. Learn how you can convince management to support a smoke-free workplace policy.
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WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific
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I'm an employee who wants my workplace to become smoke-free. What can I do?

Sometimes, policy change can be initiated not by management but by the workers themselves. This bottom-up approach is especially effective when the issue is one that affects the health and safety of the workforce.

Ⓒ WHO/Yoshi Shimizu

Here are some suggestions for actions to help convince management to support a smoke-free workplace policy:

  1. Do your research

    Research the issue and learn as much as you can about local smoke-free laws, the
    rationale for making your workplace smoke-free, who is affected and who benefits, and
    other workplaces that have successfully gone smoke-free.


    Reach out to your co-workers, human resources staff, and management to find out their
    take about the revolution and gauge their support.


    Formally make the business case for going smoke-free: It’s good for health but it’s also good for business! You may use this email template as a guide to forward along to your HR or company’s management

  4. Provide resources

    Provide sample policies and a list of resources to make it easy for management to make the change. You can find these helpful resources at our Resources page.

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